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What Keeps You Awake at Night When it Comes to Your Business?

Running a business isn’t always how people imagine it to be. Making lots of money, having the freedom to be your own boss and make your own decisions, going on holiday when you want to and so much more. There are a lot of stresses and strains that come with having your own business, whether its a start-up or you have been operating for years and these worries can often keep you awake at night. 

Having your own business means you have many hats to wear and you will often feel like you are juggling and spinning plates the whole time. It might be planning your business and its growth, managing your changing cashflow, recruiting the right people, losing essential and reliable people within your business, sourcing suppliers, finding and securing customers, losing customers, managing your finances, payroll, taxes, premises and so much more.

Your worries could be due to so many different things, you have just started a business and you don’t now know how to take the next step, you have grown quickly and you’re now not sure how to maintain it, your business isn’t where you want it to be and you need help understanding what you can do to change things. 

Whatever your worries, Hayvenhurst accountants can help and we will support you to enjoy the ups and not worry about the things we can help you. We will support you with a business plan, so you know what you are doing and where you are going. 

Being in control of your business and having a plan will help you feel empowered with solutions, and in turn, your business worries won’t keep you awake at night.

I’m worried about the lack of cash flow in my business and it keeps me awake at night

Having minimal cash flow in your business is stressful and can consume you, worrying about how you will pay people, suppliers and so much more. Cash in your business drives your successes, however, it is often not focused on enough. Often business owners will be so focused on generating new business and new customers that their cash flow is often overlooked. 

New business, new customers, turnover and profit are all important for your success but if you don’t have enough cash then your business model just won’t be sustainable. 

Hayvenhursts can help you with your business financials and strategic plans. Our experts will show you where you are now as well as forecast what it will look like if and when your business grows using specialist financial forecasting tools. All of the business planning we do with you takes into account your turnover, profit and cash flow in a balanced way and this helps you understand and make decisions about where you and your team’s focus needs to be. 

I’m not enjoying running my business like I thought I would, or like I used to and it keeps me awake at night

When first starting a business you will be excited and focused but often as your business grows there are a lot more areas you need to be focused on and a lot more pressure. During these times you can feel overwhelmed and confused and sometimes people will have regrets about starting their business. 

There are many reasons why you might not be enjoying your business as you used to. It may have all become a bit mundane and you are missing the excitement that comes with starting up and you now need a new focus and plan but you just don’t know where to start. 

You may have grown your business so much that it is now consuming your whole life and you now want to step back and have work life balance back into your life again. You may even want to look at the options of selling which will mean you will need an exit strategy. 

Whatever the reasons, Hayvenhursts can help you understand where you are, what you can do to address why you aren’t enjoying it any more and reignite your passion for your business again, whether that’s staying so involved or stepping back. 

You may not think an accountant can, or will help you with how much you enjoy your business but at Hayvenhursts our experts are dedicated to helping you move your business forward in whichever way that might be. We will support you with your business strategy and goals in both the short and long-term so you have a plan to focus on. All of which will ignite your enjoyment of your business again as you are confident with where you are going.

I don’t think we are as profitable as we could be and it keeps me awake at night

As a business owner, focusing on how profitable you are is really important and it ensures you can enjoy all your hard work and dedication. There are lots of ways to increase profitability and our experts will sit down with you and review every aspect of your business to see how. 

We will work with you to formulate a business plan to increase your profitability and success within your existing business model and financials and what it could look like as your business grows and evolves. Building a picture with a detailed understanding of your business, the challenges, your goals and your priorities are crucial to increasing your profitability and people, process and performance within your business all need to be focused on to achieve this. This will support you to create a watertight plan to enhance profitability and drive your business success.

At Hayvenhurst Accountants, we will help you understand your business in more depth, its strengths and challenges to ensure you increase your profitability in both the short and long term.  

I feel stressed and isolated running my business and it keeps me awake at night

So many business owners feel lonely and isolated running their business and this creates a huge amount of stress and anxiety for them. Feeling you are on your own, having to make all the difficult decisions, along with the constant financial pressure can be exhausting and often distracts your focus away from the important things.

At Hayvenhursts we don’t just provide accountancy support and advice but we work alongside you to ensure you are focused on your business strategy and plans, often guiding and supporting you with those difficult decisions which are often financially led. This alone ensures you don’t feel isolated running your business and will give you the confidence to make those difficult decisions, whilst feeling empowered and confident doing it.

We don’t know how or where to start to take my business to the next level and I know I need to but it keeps me awake at night

If you have a really successful business then it’s easy to take your eye off of the ball and this can often lead to disaster. Even more so in the world we are now living in, business owners need to be focused on their business plans and strategies, evolving their businesses to ensure they keep and grow their customers.  

You may have ideas about growing and changing your business but you’re nervous about doing it, or maybe you know you can achieve more but you don’t know how, or where to start then the Hayvenursts team can help. 

Our team will help you understand your business in-depth, where you are now and where you want to be, supporting you to set achievable goals to get there. There are lots of ways to grow your business and our experts will support you to create a strategy that will work in your industry without damaging your financials. We will review your plans with you regularly, reassess and reset goals when we need to to ensure you achieve what you set out to do. 

My accountant doesn’t support me with a whole view of my business and just focuses on the transactional financial side of things

Many people and businesses think that their accountant is only there to support them to submit their end of year accounts, pay their taxes and transact their payroll, however, a good and reputable accountancy firm like Hayvenhursts will do much more than that. 

Your accountant should be reviewing your business plans with you, looking at your financials and seeing what changes can be made to improve your business and its profitability. They should be proactive and advise you on your tax and VAT payments, and much more. 

Accountancy has changed a lot and at Hayvenhursts our approach is very much that we are an extension to your team. We take the time to get to know you, learn about your business, your challenges, ambitions, goals and priorities and this enables us to give you effective accountancy and business advice which will support your success.

I’m am concerned I am paying too much or too little tax and it keeps me awake at night

Whether you have just started your business and have never needed to understand tax or you are an existing business then Hayvenhursts can help you with tax advice and payments. We will take a whole view of your business, look for opportunities which are open to you and advise you accordingly which is a completely different service compared to a lot of accountants who will give the same tax advice to every one of their customers.

We have a dedicated team who know and understand the tax rules in the UK and we will give you advice to help you reduce your tax payments within the rules of HMRC. 

This will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are paying the right amount of tax knowing there will be no nasty surprises from HMRC further down the line. 

If I step away from my business it will fail and this keeps me awake at night

A lot of business owners who have built their businesses from scratch often believe if they move away from it and don’t control it so tightly that their business will fail. In some cases this might be true, however, Hayvenhursts will support you to look at your business model in detail so you can identify what your risks are, what steps you need to take to mitigate the risks so if you do want to step aside you can. 

It’s a good idea to do this if you are looking to step away from the close management and control of your business or not as this always means you have a succession plan in place which you never know when you might need. 

Reducing reliance on people as much as you can with sound processes is a good approach to take alongside having key people within your business that you know you can trust to perform and deliver. Leading your management team, ensuring they buy-in to your vision and goals and understand the key part they play is vital in enabling you to step away and your business not failing. It doesn’t mean stepping away completely but it does mean letting go of the reins at times and empowering your team to deliver what you need them to. A strategic business plan which your team is brought into and which you can review with them on a regular basis is absolutely key to your success.

Hayvenhursts expert and knowledgeable accountants will support you to create a strategic business plan with the idea of you stepping away at any time and your business continuing to thrive and be successful if that is what you are looking for. 

I’ve set up a new business but I don’t know where to start with the financials and it keeps me awake at night

If you have got this far then a huge well done to you in starting your business. Having a supportive and proactive accountant you can trust is vital to the success of your business at this point. The team at Hayvenhurst are experts in supporting and advising start-up businesses and our aim is to work alongside you as an extension of your business as it grows. Working with you from the start is a great advantage as we build long-term partnerships with our clients and will ensure you have the business and financial plans in place for your business to be a huge success. 

As a start-up, we can support and advise you on your business structure, which is the best accountancy system to make your life easier, your business plans as well as payroll support, tax and end of year accounting. 

Our team will support you to make the right decisions as you navigate your way through starting your business and we will offer you proactive business and accountancy advice throughout your journey. 

I want to sell my business but who or why would someone want to buy my business?

There are many reasons you may be thinking about selling your business, you may have taken it as far as you think you can do, you may want to focus on your home life rather than purely focus on your business, you now might want to focus on a new business venture and can’t do both. Whatever your reasons for wanting to sell your business Hayvenhursts can help with one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. 

You will need to understand the true valuation of your business, find a potential buyer and achieve the highest value you can. You will need to formulate your sale and take over terms to ensure a hassle-free transaction that has minimal impact on your business and the people who work within it, all of which Hayvenhursts can help and advise you on. 

We have the practical and commercial experience to support you to execute your sale, guiding you through the financial and legal processes. Our team can assess potential buyers to ensure they have the financial security they need for your sale to proceed and we will support you to ensure you minimise your tax payments and obligations after. 

Our Accountancy Services

At Hayvenhursts we are experts in all types of accountancy services and our team will help you and your business at whatever stage you are at.

We are proud to provide the personal services of a local accountant with the infrastructure and experience of a large national accountancy business to support clients across the UK.

We are proud that we don’t just offer a standard accountancy service at Hayvenhursts. We will put together a team of experts who will get to know you and your business and who will work with you to ensure you have all the bespoke accountancy and business services that you need both now and for the future. 

We will identify tax relief, savings, tax breaks, improved cash flow and business efficiencies through our defined and relevant accountancy and business services, establishing savings and opportunities which will improve your business’s short and long term prospects. 

Our service and reputation are built on our ability to understand your business and support you with your short and long term business plans. We work as an extension of your business and ensure we are by your side to support you when you need us. We have the expertise and experience to refine your strategic plans and help you with key business decisions.

Choosing an accountant has never been so important and it is an important and critical decision for you. You should take the time to find one which suits your needs, one you feel comfortable with, one you can trust and an accountant whose fees are fair and competitive.

Our Accountancy & Business Services:

  • Accounts Preparation
  • Audits
  • Bank Accounts
  • Book-keeping
  • Book-keeping Health Check
  • Business Growth
  • Business Health Check
  • Business Plans
  • Business Valuations
  • Commercial Property
  • Company Formation
  • Company Secretarial
  • Contractors and IR35
  • Furlough Advice
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Management Accounts & Information
  • Management Systems
  • Pension Tax Relief
  • PAYE Health Check
  • Payroll & PAYE Returns
  • Personal Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Raising Finance
  • Reduce your SRA Audit Costs
  • Registered Office
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tax Disputes
  • Tax Enquiries & investigations
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Returns & Self-Assessment
  • Trusts
  • VAT Deferrals
  • VAT Temporary Reductions
  • VAT Health Check
  • VAT Planning & Disputes
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Returns

If you have business worries which are keeping you awake at night, contact us today and find out how we can help you feel confident, focused and happy running and managing your business again.

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